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Give your employees the scope they deserve

Danielle Fernbach

Motivated employees with lots of self-initiative can make your company what it should be. We can help you with our digital solutions.

Employees can give you, their superior, permanent feedback that can be used, for example, for spontaneous rewards for work done well or for a project that was completed with particular success. You can configure approvals for leave, overtime and work schedules so flexibly and automate these so that your employees can coordinate their personal commitments with company requirements. Your employees will appreciate this and will not disappoint you. Why not let your employees decide for themselves?

Our software informs you about different events concerning your employees such as birthdays, anniversaries or the first day back at work after an illness etc. An e-mail informing you about the “daily topics” helps you to show the appreciation your employees deserve in their daily routines.

Danielle Fernbach