Automatic answering of labour law questions

The chatbot Danielle Talk answers questions about labour law fully automatically – and that 24/7 with free installation and use.

On the basis of the publications of the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, we have supplemented the chatbot with labour law questions.

The following chat & voice platforms are supported



Google Assistant

Integration of Danielle Talk using the example of Telegram and Skype

Search for Messenger Telegram or Skype on the App Store or Google Play Store, install the App. Assign to the contact Danielle Talk.

If Danielle Talk appears as a contact, you can ask questions about employment law without having to log in.

If you now want to talk to Danielle Talk about company matters such as holidays, projects and time tracking, you still need to connect Danielle Talk to your company account. Here is how it works.

The chatbot Danielle Talk with labour law questions is currently only available in German.