Newsletter – August 2019

Alumnis, applicants and daily topics

  • New sections for alumnis as well as applicants
  • New section ‘daily topics’ to keep up to date with the latest news in a compact format
  • Learn more about regular software improvements and new features
Alumnis, applicants and daily topics

We introduced our product innovations in our last newsletter. Have you already discovered the benefits that these can have for you?

Why not make the most of the new functionalities!

Daily Topics

With just one click you can get the latest concise information on what’s happening in your company every day. You can add the topics that particularly interest you with regard to your employees to your personal dashboard - leave, cases of illness or birthdays.

Satisfied users are raving about the new overview: ‘I forgot my boss’ big birthday last year. There was nothing prepared. I won’t miss any more important dates now because of the ‘Daily Topics’. All important events and deadlines are captured in the system and I’m kept up to date with the latest news every morning.’


Former employees know their company and can acquire customers or partners for new business deals. You might even wish to employ a former employee again or appoint a new member of staff on his/her recommendation.

This function lets you stay in touch with your former staff!


It could be that the new staff you’ve just hired are not turning out as well as you had hoped. You can store the applications from all possible candidates. All documents, data and notes are stored and managed centrally. When you employ an applicant, the related documents are automatically transferred to the personnel file which speeds up internal communication processes.

Due to this optimised management of applicants, you will not lose any talented candidates!

Personnel File

The electronic personnel file has been improved. You can enjoy practical enhancements, such as easier sorting of employees. Only those fields that you really need have to be displayed.

Simplify your staff management and get a better overview!


It is important for everyone to know which employees are absent in a company. Since it is not only the HR department that needs to know who is in the company as well as the working hours, we have made this tile available to every employee. The entire process for approving leave has also been greatly simplified and automated.

We have reduced the workload involved in routine tasks and created more time for more important things!

Time Recording

We have made the working time models more flexible. In addition to the models for flexitime and fixed working hours, we are now providing the option of manual planning, for example, for constantly changing shifts or for when employees work on five different days spread over six days. Every department and every employee can be assigned their own working time model. In this way, your administration department can work according to fixed hours, your sales department to variable working hours and your service department to manual planning.

This creates the basis for precise planning of leave and management of attendances!