Newsletter – 28 February 2020

Change in design and handling

  • Change in design and handling
  • Revision and optimisation of the menu navigation
  • Contract amendments with valid-from date for more transparency
  • Reactivation of former employees with former or new contract data
Change in design and handling

A lot has happened again – you should also benefit from this!

You are already used to regular improvements in the software. Today, however, we would like to inform you not only about the new functions, but also draw your attention to the fact that the design and handling of the software has also improved.In order to keep the menu navigation clear even with more and more functions, we have revised, optimised and modernised it. The menu items are now located on the left sidebar and are displayed as icons. So that you always know what is where, an explanatory text appears as soon as the mouse pointer is moved over an icon.

We have developed the following new features for you:

Personnel File

We have made the personnel file clearer and structured the topics more clearly based on customer feedback.

We have also made the contract changes and their history clearer. If an employee changes from full-time to part-time, for example, the vacation accounts have to be recalculated. To make this transparent, there is now a “Valid From” date for every contract change.

Create a history of each contract change with the corresponding attendances and absences!


Former employees that you keep as alumni files can easily be reactivated. The function was requested by customers who employ many seasonal workers. For this purpose, there is the reactivation function – with both old and new contract data. When the start date is reached, the employee is automatically set back to active and receives his or her access data by e-mail.

Reactivate former employees with just a few clicks!